terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

Europa Calling

Don't you see the tide is turning
Towers tubling to the ground
Can't you see the world is burning
The spirit's waiting to be found

Don't you know a fire's burning
Since the ancient times of Rome
Don't you hear Europa calling
For him who leads the children home

Can't you hear the thunder roaring
It's time to wake up from that sleep
Can't you hear Europa crying
Her painful longing to be freed?
The Walls are falling
They wake the Dead

See the rubble
Running blood red

The wolf is howling
Breaks the leash

Specters gather
At the feast

Sharp the sword
Blunt the bone

A new king
For an old throne

The petals flower
Wet with tears

Bloom in slaughter
Blood and fear

Heroes and Villains
Who's to say?

When the victors
Put pen to page

See flags in tatters
Graves in the woods

What horrors hide
Beneath nights hood

The beast is smiling
His sins in fruit

Lays cards of treason
In different suits

The rats in the gutter
Now are on the table

We are all brothers
Cane and Able

Dead winters
Dead summers

Dead Buglers
Dead Drummers

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